More About Us

It’s not only monkeys and wildlife we aim to help. We research and develop ideas that can be shared with the surrounding community.  One such program is aquaponics systems which use 95% less water than conventional farming, which is very important in this, the driest part of the country.

How your donations will help

We desperately need funds to build a fence and fire break to protect the farm from the neighbor’s cows and seasonal wildfires.  We also need funds to build large enclosures for recovering monkeys and other wildlife at The Monkey Farm. We welcome donations of all sorts.

Emergency Contact

If you have an animal emergency, call us at 8853-0165. We will help with the rescue of all types of wildlife and farm animals. We do not rescue cats or dogs, as there is another local organization for cats and dogs.

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The Monkey Farm in Costa Rica is a volunteer-run non-profit that combines sustainability, organic farming and permaculture methods with monkey and wildlife rescue activities.

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