Wish List

Donate goods and services

To kick-start organic food production and permaculture-activities at The Monkey Farm, we welcome donations of all sorts. This is a list of some of the tools, materials, equipment and other items that we really need right now.

TOOLS for the garden:

We need garden tools

We need garden tools

  • Wheel barrows
  • A plow (for the horse)
  • Other garden tools

Construction MATERIALS:

  • Concrete blocks
  • Cement
  • Electric fence wiring
  • Gates of any type
  • Pavers
  • Paint of any color


  • Animal carriers and pet shipping crates of all sizes
  • Garden hoses
  • A solar well pump for a 6″ drilled well
  • Solar panels and batteries

ANIMALS for farm work and food production:

  • Egg laying chickens
  • Geese
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • A donkey (to chase predators away)
  • Red wiggler or composting worms

STUFF for volunteers:

  • Twin or bunk Beds and Mattresses
  • Bicycles


  • Welding
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity
  • Auto Mechanic
  • Construction
  • Maintenance

To help us reach our goals: