Local Volunteers

Bruce and Greg

Bruce and Greg, awesome local volunteers!

Our local volunteers are people who live in our local community either full time, part time or are just here visiting on a short vacation.  These volunteers are vitally important in helping with repairs, maintenance, special projects, or just getting their hands dirty in the gardens.  We love our volunteers and appreciate their help greatly!

Francine and Coco

Francine and Coco

Please contact us for your first visit so that we can give you a proper tour and explain what we are about and what projects and activities we currently have going on, or what repairs are needed.  Then, you are free to suggest a special project you would like to work on, or repairs you can help us with.  After your initial visit, we welcome you to come and help us out for a few hours whenever you have time!

Kathleen and Tweela

Kathleen and Tweela help us in the gardens