How wwoofing in Costa Rica turned into the creation of a Magical place!

Wwoofing in Costa Rica, Tomi (32) from Finland and Lea (22) from Croatia stumbled upon Vicki, a solitary woman, on an old farm near the beach in Costa Rica. They joined her and instantly fell in love with the farm. Mostly they loved the untapped potential the farm had. Over dinner one night, Vicki told them about how there was a desperate need for a monkey rescue center in the area. The nearest one was several hours away and was completely overwhelmed with monkeys because there weren’t enough rescue centers. Tomi and Lea became very intrigued with the idea and began to formulate how they could make this happen. Since many people love wwoofing in Costa Rica, they felt they would have no shortage of volunteers. What has ended up happening though is that so many more people are drawn to this magical place that it has expanded far beyond just people interested in wwoofing in Costa Rica. So many application are received from all over the world, that they are only able to accept about 1 out of 20 applications that are received.

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Wwoofing in Costa Rica created a Magical Monkey Rescue and Permaculture Farm!

So you never know what adventure awaits you when you decide to go wwoofing in Costa Rica!  Go wwoofing in Costa Rica for the experience of a lifetime!

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