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We need several types of donations at The Monkey Farm.


Lupita, the milk cow we are saving to buy.

Right now, we are saving our monetary donations and putting them toward the purchase of a milk cow. Having a milk cow will enable us to provide milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, sour cream, buttermilk, cream and ice cream for our volunteers.  In addition, it will enable us to sell cheeses and any excess products in order to get us on our way to being self sufficient and self supporting.

We would like to raise the money to buy a pair of cows by pre-selling whole milk and dairy products.  If you will help us, we will give you your choice of any dairy products you would like, in exchange for the value of your donation.

We came across “Lupita” a young Jersey/Holstien cross that has had one baby and has already been re-bred for her next calf.  We can buy Lupita if we hurry, for only $600.  This is a good price for a sweet young milk cow here.  Her loving owner has been ordered by her doctor not to consume dairy products any more, which is why she isn’t keeping Lupita.


Largest donor names this baby girl!

We can also buy her un-named 10 month old female calf for $300.  This young cow calf will be ready to breed (needed to produce milk) in about four to five months.  The largest donor to help us buy this sweet lovely pair, (or just one), can name the baby girl.

It’s too soon to tell for sure if Lupita is pregnant or not, but if she is, she’ll have her next baby in about 7 months.  Lupita is very sweet, tame and gentle.  She comes when you call her by name and is easy to milk.  This is perfect for the volunteers who come to the farm and are just learning to milk their first cow.  Lupita will be very gentle on the beginners!

If you would like to help us buy Lupita and/or her calf, please help us with a donation:

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We have financial needs to build the farm into the vision that we have for it. We are working on Phase Two of our plan of action. Right now, the financial donations that we receive are going to purchase the farm animals which will feed our volunteers with their eggs, dairy products and meat, plus materials to build fencing and structures to house these animals.

If you believe in what we are doing, please help us by making a financial donation:

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We have needs of materials to be donated, which can be seen on our wish list.

And last, but not least, we need the labor of both local volunteers and our International live-in volunteers to carry out the work that is necessary to complete our vision.